About Me

Hi! I’m Tina. Thanks for stopping by!

After a 15 year career at the bank, I have been home schooling my kids since 2001 and my youngest is graduating high school this year! I need to find a job, however my knees are extremely bad and since I have not worked in a “real job” in such a long time I do not qualify for disability. I have been thinking of writing my life’s story for a few years but could never slow down and make it happen. I recently remembered that my younger self spent many hours, days and years collecting articles from various womens magazines from different places such as readers digest, the doctors office and my moms hair salon creating my own notebook full of advice on how to be a better lover and how to have the best sex. I risked getting into serious trouble doing this since my parents were extremely strict Baptists. I started my sex article collection when I was in third grade and I had quite a thick notebook created before my mother found my secret stash when I was in high school and burned it in the fireplace. (Sniff )

I have spent my life researching my favorite subject by reading, watching videos, talking to hundreds of men and by experimenting the tactics personally with many different men. And even now, middle aged and with challenging health, I do not want to give up my life’s research and trying things personally.

Throughout my life I have maintained my pure Christian girl /wife /mother/good neighbor reputation. I have lived quite an exciting secret “double life”.

So……I have decided to start writing a blog!

My main goal is to focus on helping men become better lovers. Keep in mind I have had no formal education on the subject I am just educated by the school of life so this blog will mainly be my own humble opinion. Please bear with me and do not be offended if I state the obvious or step on some toes. If one blog entry does not apply to you maybe my next one will!

Please subscribe to my blog and pass it on to others! If you have any suggestions for me please do not hesitate to share! I need all the help I can get!

In writing this message to you I am on my phone and surrounded by my family with the tv blasting and the dogs chasing the cat so I am ignoring any spelling, punctuation and grammar errors. Please over look them if you can.

Thank you!!