First Things First

Have you ever wondered what she is really thinking? What would make her madly in love with you? How to make the other ladies envious? I’m here to make your life easier for you! This blog is going to change your life! I’m going to give you details to help your love life!

Your intimate love life is a catapult to your all around success! If you have a good love life it builds your self-esteem and creativity. It frees your mind to focus on work. Therefore boosts your performance at work which could ultimately lead to a promotion or a raise! Do I have your attention?

Be the mirror of what you would like to see in her. You want her to work hard to be attractive for you right? You need to work hard to be attractive to her too! Have you ever heard the phrase The Devil is in The Details? Let’s start at the top and work our way down!

First … Pay attention to your hair. Keep it clean. It’s ok to wash it every other day. Keep it cut and styled.(Mullets are out) She will want to run her fingers through your hair as you kiss and she will be looking at the top of your head when you are sucking her boobs or giving her oral sex….unless her eyes are closed and rolling into the back of her head….mmmmmmmm

Second… Cut any rebellious hairs that might be growing out of your ears… You want her to nibble your ear lobes and lick your ear without any surprises. Oh and remember to wash behind your ears too so they smell clean and fresh. She will notice.

Pay attention to your eyebrows. I’m not saying you need to pluck them….just get rid of any weird hairs and tame any wild eyebrows. Overly bushy, unkempt eyebrows are creepy. Snip them with small scissors if they are too long. And while you are at it trim your nose hairs too. Wink

Moving right a along….give your skin some attention. Assuming you shave daily… Leave your shaving cream on for an extra five minutes if you can. It will soften your beard. Exfoliate your skin with a wash cloth or you could purchase a special exfoliating scrub from a specialty shop such as Exfoliating removes the old dead skin and gives you a healthy glow. Don’t forget to trim your neck hair on the front and in the back. This makes you look clean cut and put together. It should be part of your weekly routine and your barbers routine when you get your hair cut. Then when she rubs your neck she will enjoy caressing you and not feel like she’s rubbing a cactus.

Keep your mustache trimmed to just above your lip line. Trust me, there is nothing worse than a kiss full of coarse mustache hair instead of feeling his tender lips. Speaking of tender lips, don’t skip the lip balm. Your lips are much more enjoyable if they are not cracked chapped and bloody right?

Make sure you have fresh clean breath. If you can’t brush your teeth before your date, check your teeth in the mirror for any UFOs and pop in a breath mint. Your smile is one of the first things ladies notice so if you drink coffee, tea or wine you will need to take extra measures to whiten your smile. Hydrogen peroxide and baking soda together on your tooth brush works wonders!

Use lotion on your hands, clean your fingernails and file them so there are no sharp, rough edges. Her lady parts are tender and sensitive so you don’t want to ruin the mood with a sharp gouge from unkempt finger nails. While you have the clippers out go ahead and clip your toenails too. The best place to clip anything is in your bathroom and no where else.

Use cologne but not too much! Cologne should enhance your naturally awesome pheromones, not stink up every room you enter. Your scent will bring back sweet memories of your special time together.

Last but not least use good posture. Don’t slouch. Slouching gives off a bad impression and makes you seem like you don’t care very much about yourself. Stand up straight and tall. This good posture will exude self-confidence which is extremely sexy!

Do what you can to make yourself attractive and you will feel attractive and your self-confidence will soar … confidence is very sexy!



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