Foreplay of her mind before touching her body… the secret to wet sex!

 A good relationship is a divine state of being. It does not happen by itself. It happens through open minds and communication with trial and error. Respect, trust, honesty, loyalty, understanding, patience, and having the same life styles are just a few things that come to mind immediately that help make a good relationship.

If you are not a selfish lover you won’t have to wait for some lovin’. Women usually want to experience what the thoughtful, kind, gentle, caring man has to offer…the pleasures she dreams of!  Make her feel comfortable, safe and secure. You need to learn to arouse her slowly and gently starting in her mind then moving to her body providing foreplay with enthusiasm and desire. Build her up, sincerely tell her she is beautiful, tell her how much you desire her, put her insecurities to sleep, remind her she is worthy, make her melt in your hands! Kiss her deeply as if you were starved for her.  Kiss her forehead, her cheek , her lips, her ears, her neck. Massage and suck her breasts gently, making her nipples hard, working your way down her quivering, wanting body. Kiss her thighs and work your way up slowly teasing her and kissing her telling her what you see and what you want to do to her making this delicious foreplay last. Leave no erogenous zone untouched.  Use lube as needed with vibrators and various toys taking her pleasure very seriously.
 Satisfy her successfully not by taking your view of how you think it should go, but by talking to her and asking her what her desires and fantasy’s are and look at sex from her perspective. Pillow talk is always fun and enlightening! It all starts days ahead of the actual encounter. In her mind. Take care of her needs…such as help with house work, cooking and kids to lessen her load, exhaustion and stress level. Empathy goes a long way!
Be spontaneous! Send her flowers to work just because. Hug her often for several minutes at a time and be the last one to let go. Sincerely compliment her. Find out what would build her self-esteem and become active in building it.  Do what ever it takes. Use your intelligence, resources and creativity! Go back to the beginning and pursue her. Take it slow….take your time…and talk to her openly. Find out what her unique love language is…receiving gifts….quality time spent….words of affirmation…acts of service or physical touch and use this knowledge to the benefit of your sexual relationship. Ask questions. Show her you sincerely care and don’t forget to make her laugh! A sense of humor makes a man desirable. Two of the best things in life are laughing and orgasms!
Men, your partner should WANT you to make love to her every morning or evening or both!! After taking good care of her by giving her several intense orgasms, your lover will take care of you as well caring about you and your needs too.  It feels amazing being touched by the person who understands your mind, the person who acknowledges your flaws and loves your soul. The main focus is to touch both her mind and body with foreplay! This is the secret to wet sex! 

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