Get In The Zone…Her Erogenous Zones Continued….(part 2)

Knowledge is power! Understanding where a females erogenous zones are can help you get her in the mood and drive her wild at the same time! The mystery of a woman’s body is arousing, sensual and to some men confusing. Women are all unique and understanding what it takes to win our hearts and turn us on can be difficult. Since foreplay is a must I will show you where and how you should spend your time before you dive in! We all love to be touched, caressed and to be the center of your attention. Rather than going straight for the bull’s-eye use these tips to give her a night of sensual pleasure and not just sex. Here are the locations you need to start paying attention to.


Zone #7 – Her Breasts and Nipples

Just like our butts we know men are mesmerized by our breasts! So many men immediately focus far too much attention on a woman’s breasts and nipples. There is a possibility she is not enjoying this as much as you are depending on the tenderness of her breasts (and the time of her cycle).  But then again there are some women who can orgasm just from having her breasts and nipples touched just the right way! The key words here are THE RIGHT WAY. Don’t give into the temptation to grope her like an awkward teenage boy, show some restraint and self-control. Some women have very sensitive breasts and being too rough may hurt them, then its good feeling gone! As you can tell, we enjoy the anticipation… so build up the momentum. Light caresses, kissing, as well as sucking and flicking of her nipples with your tongue as you gently squeeze and massage are better options  and can go a long way. It’s all about finding out what turns on your woman!

Zone #8 – Lower Back

This is another one of the most overlooked zones and a spot you should pay more attention to. A womans lower back is very sensitive, which makes it the perfect place for kissing, licking, nibbling, massaging and stroking!  This can help her relax and become more open for sex. Take it slow and observe her reaction. If she enjoys it spend more time and switch up your moves for variation. If not then continue on your expedition.

Zone #9 – Buttocks

Many women like  it when you play with their behinds. Squeezing and spanking or gently scratching or massaging her butt cheeks may start her purring. Fondling and squeezing our rear can increase arousal. Remember the muscle mass here is more dense so she can handle more pressure here than other parts of her body. Some women like to take things even further and enjoy your licking, sucking and of course penetration. There are some girls who prefer this area left alone. Communication goes a long way to find out what she likes and doesn’t like. Never assume that her back door is open to you!

Zone # 10 – Abdomen

Women get pretty self-conscious about the look of their belly but little do they know how fun it can be to let her lover play with it a little bit! Be careful not to tickle her. Tease her by planting gentle kisses, drawing lines and circles with your finger or signing your name with the tip of your tongue then work your way down!

Zone # 11 – Lower Belly, Mons, Clitoris and Vagina

Every guy knows that the most sensitive erogenous area of the female body is this zone. The clit is not the on button, power switch, launch pad or starting point of foreplay! There will be no question in her mind if you have already caressed, massaged, and kissed all the areas above she will be more than willing for you to touch her here. Wetter is better. You can stimulate her clit with your lubed finger, tongue and toys or all three at the same time! The clitoris is the most sensitive place on her body. It is the crown jewel of the female body. It has over 8,000 nerve endings in a piece of flesh the size of a raisin. Not all bodies are alike. Use her body language, pants and moans to determine if you are in the right place applying the right pressure at the right rhythm. Start by drawing a circle around the outer part of the clit and spiraling inwards to the center. It’s always best to start slow and gentle then ramp up the speed and pressure.  Then there are the lips you may tug, suck and nibble never by-pass them, they need your attention too! The G spot just inside the top of the vagina can be a bit of a challenge to find but she will thank you for taking the time to stroke it! If she says don’t stop for Gods sake don’t stop!

Zone #12 – Inner Thighs

The inner thighs are highly sensitive and respond well to stroking, kissing, licking, sucking and nibbling. You should do more than one courtesy stroke as you pass by on your way to her sweet spot! Stimulating this area is a great way to build up the anticipation. Take your time but remember not to get too aggressive. Gentle light caresses will drive your woman wild. Women prefer things soft and slow at this location. You could entice her by tracing an ice-cube up and down each thigh!

Zone #13 – Behind Her Knees

A woman’s knees is possibly the one part of the body that almost every one over looks. The many nerve endings in this location makes it one of the most erogenous parts of her body. Soft licks and nibbles on the backs of her knees can drive her crazy! Be sure to take it easy since this area is so sensitive, you want to be gentle.  You don’t want to tickle her too much. It’s best to be brief and simply kiss or nibble the backs of her knees as you work your way up.

Zone # 14 – Her Feet

Surprisingly, so many men over look this important part of her body! You don’t have to have a foot fetish to enjoy the benefits of paying attention to her feet. Truth is, rubbing, licking or sucking on her toes or feet will stimulate her sexually. Why do you think women enjoy pedicures so much? As you caress her with oil, trace the contours of her foot and ankle with your fingers. As she starts to relax, give her a gentle foot massage. Take the time to massage her entire foot from her toes to her calves. Reflexology shows how you can stimulate different parts of her body that you will be visiting through her feet.

The key to mastering the art of seduction and foreplay is to pay attention to what she likes. Give her what she wants, and she will thank you later! With the right technique, you can have her melting!


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