Get In The Zone…Her Erogenous Zones Part 1 of 2

Knowledge is power! Understanding where a females erogenous zones are can help you get her in the mood and drive her wild at the same time! The mystery of a woman’s body is arousing, sensual and to some men confusing. Women are all unique and understanding what it takes to win our hearts and turn us on can be difficult. Since foreplay is a must I will show you where and how you should spend your time before you dive in! We all love to be touched, caressed and to be the center of your attention. Rather than going straight for the bull’s-eye use these tips to give her a night of sensual pleasure and not just sex. Starting at the top, here are the locations you need to start paying attention to.

Zone # 1 – Her Mind

We just went over this in my last blog however it doesn’t hurt to reiterate the importance of stimulating her mind. Lets face it women don’t get turned on the same way men do. Men are more visual while women are more turned on by thoughts and feelings. Ladies are more complex creatures who need stimulation in multiple areas at once to be satisfied. For women, sex is just as much an emotional and psychological experience as a physical one. If you are the type of guy who wants to launch his girl to the moon, don’t get your rocket stuck in her landing strip.


Her head and scalp may not be the first erogenous zone that comes to your mind, but think of how good it feels to get a shampoo and cut at the barber shop or beauty salon. It feels good and it is very relaxing to have your hair/head stroked, scratched, massaged and tugged now doesn’t it?  Use long sweeping strokes with your finger tips. Be gentle if you use your nails. Tenderly touch your finger tips on her temples and gently massage in a circular motion. These moves are soothing, seductive and sensual at the same time!

Zone #3 – Back of her Neck

Every woman dreams of her man wrapping his arms around her and kissing the back of her neck. You can have her melting in your hands without even removing any clothing! The back of her neck is highly sensitive to kissing, touching, massaging, licking and nibbling. Start at her shoulders and make your way massaging her neck to the base of her scalp. The fun is in experimenting to find out what she likes. Pay attention to her body language and moans as a gauge to know if you are doing it right. Its called necking for a reason!

Zone #4 – Ears

Whispering into her ear may give her chills (the good kind). Caressing them will drive her wild! According to Google,there are 120 acupressure points on her ears. Her earlobe can be very sensitive so be gentle. Kiss her ears with care or massage them gently with your finger tips. Don’t miss the chance to use your lips to trace her outer ear in a light feathery pattern as you tell her your sexual fantasies with her. Stimulating this area can send sexual energy all throughout her body! The dirty talk plus your warm breath on her ear is sure to wake up the rest of her senses!

Zone #5 –  Mouth and Lips

A kiss can send her desire skyrocketing as dopamine levels in the brain increase from making out with you triggers her body to release oxytocin. Both of these natural chemicals make her feel good and put her in a sexy mood. Lips are sensitive to pressure, moisture and temperature. Women prefer soft, tender, sensual kisses so don’t get too sloppy. Let her take the lead and she will kiss you how she wants to be kissed. If she is into it, a playful nibble on her bottom lip may get her into the mood.

Zone #6 – Her Wrists

A woman’s wrists are another zone most guys tend to over look. Most women love having this sweet tender spot kissed, nuzzled or nibbled by their lover. Take your time to blow, kiss and caress her wrists. She will be happy you did and so will you! To drive her wild, don’t forget to explore various locations of her body. You might find a new spot she never knew she loved! Pay attention to what she likes and give her what she wants, and she will thank you!

The key to mastering the art of seduction and foreplay is to pay attention to what she likes. Give her what she wants, and she will thank you later! With the right technique, you can have her melting!

To be continued…..



4 thoughts on “Get In The Zone…Her Erogenous Zones Part 1 of 2”

  1. Good info. I’m particularly glad to see my technique verified in print. We sometimes forget that sex starts and ends in the mind but it’s the most powerful erogenous zone of all and stimulated correctly will produce mind blowing sex!!! Thanks Tina and as always thanks for making me one of your research volunteers!

  2. While sex isn’t the *only* aspect of marriage, it still is a very important one. And I really appreciate the insights you are providing, Tina.

    Thanks so much!
    Grace and peace, Jim

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