Get Your Fingers Wet!

Understanding a woman’s desires and anatomy is key for satisfying her emotionally and sexually. Even though most men understand that foreplay is required to arouse a woman, they fall short in their technique simply because they do not understand the details of  her anatomy.  If you really want to rock her world, you should go above and beyond the standard clit stimulation techniques. First, use your best foreplay techniques, talking, hugging, kissing, stroking, massaging to get her as turned on as you possibly can. Too often men start with sucking her boob then go directly for her clit. The clit is not the start button, on button, switch button, power switch, or launch button.  You can’t just go for the gold in one fast swoop. There is a process that can not be rushedThese clit stimulation techniques have been tried by me and proven; they’ll have your woman begging for mercy and so much more!

A woman’s clit has over 8,000 nerve endings in that one tiny spot and it is extremely sensitive! When a woman starts to become aroused, the clit becomes extremely sensitive and stimulating it too soon may be too much.

Right at the top of where the labia minora or pussy lips meet is the clitoris. The flap of skin where they meet, which covers some of the external clitoris, is called the clitoral hood.The clitoral hood is there to protect the clit and prevent over-stimulation just like the foreskin is there covering the head of your penis if you have not been circumcised.  Just above the tip of the clit is a short shaft that has the anatomy resembling the mans penis. You may have heard that a clitoris is a tiny pink nub that looks kind of like a pencil eraser, but in fact, the clit is mostly internal. Three-quarters of the organ is under her skin. The average external size of a clit is 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch in length, but clits have been known to be much larger than that, especially when their erectile tissue has been stimulated.

The external portion of the clitoris can also be smaller than that, and “recessed” or “hidden” clits have no portion visible under the hood at all. They also sometimes have folds of skin that sag over the general clitoral area. But having a recessed clitoris doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have a clit, or that having it touched won’t be pleasurable.

To stimulate this inner shaft, during foreplay slide the mound up towards her belly button then press down gently on her lower abdomen with the palm of your hand. Use your out stretched fingers in a vulcan salute to massage the skin on either side of her vagina using the scissors motion to cause the skin of her inner labia aka pussy lips to caress the shaft.  Gradually tease inwards with your fingers.  Never rub her clit directly with out lubrication. Touching a dry clit with dry fingers is a sensation that can be extremely uncomfortable and sometimes painful.

Stimulating the clitoris is a bit like giving someone a massage; it may feel fantastic at first, but if you don’t vary your technique the result can lead to numbness or pain, neither of which are good for driving your woman wild with ecstasy. 

When she starts moaning, writhing and panting, she should be naturally wet enough to use her natural juices, but if not, applying plenty of lube to her hood, clit, lips and pussy is necessary. You can then position yourself between her legs and use your hand to cover from her mound to her taint, aka her vulva. Keep your fingers stretched over her mound and continue to tease and stimulate her clit gently with her pussy lips. This is a fantastic method of stimulating the clit but it can be somewhat tricky. The best position for this is with her lying on her back, and you lying beside her. Start with the gentle massaging method just discussed, and continue until she’s very, very wet. At that point, you’ll want to slide a finger or two inside of her. Take your time. You don’t want to inflict pain, that would kill the mood. When she’s ready for more, place your thumb on her clitoris and start to massage it. The combination of clitoral and vaginal stimulation will double her pleasure, not to mention lead to a very intense orgasm. If your fingers aren’t long enough to simulate intercourse while keeping your thumb on her clitoris, don’t worry about it. The main stimulation here should be clitoral, and it’s perfectly fine if your other fingers don’t move very much; some women actually prefer this.

The clit really isn’t the mystery many claim it to be; any man can make a woman orgasm with the right clitoral stimulation techniques. All you have to do is be patient, take your time and give her a chance to be properly turned on. Start with small, gentle strokes and work your way up from there. Your woman will let you know when she’s ready for all-out clitoral stimulation. Start small but finish big.  Until that time, your best bet is just to let her simmer with desire — the pot will eventually boil over, I promise! Get up in there! It’s a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon!


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