How to Give Her A Breast Orgasm

Part 1 of 2


I can only remember having a breast orgasm personally just one time. I was shocked when it happened because I didn’t know it was possible! I extremely enjoy having my breasts massaged, tweaked and  bounced. I have a friend who has hypnotized his girl friend to have breast orgasms. What ever it takes right? I read up on the subject and took notes and watched some porn of course and here are the techniques I want to pass on to you.

Begin by using the feathery touch of your nails or fingertips to stroke the delicate skin of your partner’s torso and under her arms. Slide your fingers down across her stomach, making slow, lazy circles over her belly, midsection and finally up to her breasts. Slide your palms in circular motions around the entire breast area. Press firmly. You can either do one breast at a time or use both hands and do both together. Continue even after her nipples become erect. Go faster, slower, harder. Cup as much of each creamy mound in your hand as possible and move them both around. Knead them. Squeeze them gently then more firmly.

Massage her nipples with or without oil. Press on them. Roll them gently between your thumb and forefinger. Use firmer and firmer pressure.Tweak them. Pull them and hold or pull and release completely in rapid strokes.Take hold of her nipples and shake her breasts with them.

Use one hand to encircle her breast and push it up and out similar to a push-up bra. This pulls the nipple taut. With your other hand, roll, pinch and pull the nipple. Wet your fingers and play with it. Quickly rub your fingers back and forth. Use the pad of your index finger to rotate the nipple in small circles.  Flick your finger or fingernails across each rosy bud or erect volcano in my case.

Try any or all the above techniques while you and your partner are in the shower or bath because having her breasts and nipples lovingly lathered by her mate with either a soft wash cloth or sponge or even just his hands is a real turn on for many women.

Next, I will discuss oral techniques so be sure to visit my blog again next week! In the mean time, try these manual techniques on your lover and find out what is her biggest turn on! Enjoy!

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