I Happen To Be A Huge Fan Of Cuddling

Since the slightest touch creates a mild electrical circuit between two people, major cuddling enhances the whole shared electrical field around the couple. Nerves throughout the two bodies fall into sync for both people. We were created to do that to keep couples together. It’s usually called bonding. An altered state triggered by great chemicals (natural opiates in the brain) and oxytocin, the so-called “love drug.” That delightful “love hormone”, oxytocin also contributes to feelings of calm and contentment as well as sexual arousal.  It doesn’t matter if sex happens or not….it’s an awesome feeling of being so close!  Sex doesn’t have to occur for couples to benefit from cuddling. Cuddling can, however, be a wonderful way to transition into intercourse! Win win!

More than a quaint gesture of physical affection, cuddling is an intimate way to communicate.  It can comfort and soothe after a stressful day. It can make us feel warm and protected. It makes us feel closer, more connected to our lover which can strengthen our relationship. It can also trigger sexual desire. Without one word being spoken, cuddling can let our partner know that…

We love them.

We miss them.

We need them.

We desire them.

We want to feel them.

We want to smell them.

We want to crawl inside them.

With just the use of physical touch, cuddling becomes a pleasurable discovery exchange between lovers. When we snuggle, our awareness shifts to both, our partner’s body as well as our own. We feel sexier, more sensual and more desired as a result. And with almost twice as many nerve endings in their skin as men, it is little wonder that women love cuddling so much.  And even though cozying up to her partner can certainly be a satisfying stand-alone activity, it can also arouse her sexually.


One of the advantages of using cuddling as a foreplay technique is that it can begin while you are out in public. Partners can cozy up to one another at a restaurant, a friendly gathering, while stargazing or when they are out at the movie theater.

Even if you are cuddling in the privacy of your own home, timing and a bit of finesse are still required.  Especially if you have children! Be sure to choose a location where you can lay down together comfortably such as the sofa or a bed. Be mindful of temperature as well. You do not want it to be too hot or cold.

The brush of skin against skin is intoxicating and aids in building sexual tension. So take your time. Begin by using your hands to gently rub your partner’s shoulders, back, arms, waist or thighs. Tickle them softly.  Play with their hair. Caress their ears.  Shower them with little kisses as you touch them. Eventually, when things begin to heat up and clothing starts to come off, move on to one of the four following cuddling positions. The one you choose will depend on your sexual intentions.


Best Positions for Sexual Cuddling (IMOHO)


1. Him Spooning from Behind – This side by side position is without a doubt, the most common of all cuddling positions. This is when both partners are snuggled into one another, front to back, while on their sides.  In this position, he can easily enter her while continuing to kiss or rub her neck, back, arms or legs. He can also caress her breasts and stroke her clitoris without difficulty or she can simply do it herself.

For another delectable variation, she can raise her top leg so that he can slide his thigh between both of hers. Propping his one foot on the bed or sofa for leverage, he then half kneels with the other leg. In this position both partners are still nestled together but now there is the option for deep penetration and slow thrusting too. It’s a win-win.

2. Her Spooning from Behind This is similar position as above except with her front to his back. In this position, she can easily delight in his body and use her free hand to fondle and stroke his member.

3. Face to Face Also known as the inverted spoon, this cuddling position is when partners lay on their sides, facing one another.  In addition to touch, cuddling in this way makes it easy to include kissing and eye-gazing then after glow or pillow talk.

As they move onto intercourse, she would spread her legs slightly to allow him to penetrate her. She then closes her legs so that the part of his shaft that remains outside her vagina will press against her clitoris for further stimulation.  Since straight thrusting is often more difficult in this cuddling position, couples can instead use different techniques such as grinding or circular movements.

4. The Half-Spoon  This cuddling position is accomplished when one partner lies on their back while the other lies on their side facing them. The partner lying on their side will often rest their head on the other’s shoulder, chest or belly and entwine their legs.  In this position, the partner on their side can eventually move onto manual or oral genital stimulation of their lover. The half-spoon cuddling position is also ideal for manual masturbation.


Remember that cuddling is an activity that should never be rushed; like deep, passionate kisses. A good sexual snuggle offers you a chance to bond and experience sensual pleasure with your lover. So savor each cuddling encounter by taking things ever so s-l-o-w-l-y.


Are you a cuddler?




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