I Love My Toys!

Early in the morning I awake

So aroused; a decision I must make

His  job has summoned him earlier so I decide to masturbate

My very wet pussy will soon enjoy something great

Sliding my hands up my waist to find my nipples fully erect

Rolling them between my fingers as if to inspect

My mind races with images of which toy I will choose

My new life-size vibrator is the one I will use


On the bed among pillows, I make myself comfortable

Spreading my legs wide open, as they begin to tremble

Slowly sliding my pleasure toy over the top of my clit

I already love this device for its excellent fit

My pussy is nice and wet so I slide it slowly inside

Moving it in and out with such skill, taking much pride

Feeling my pussy muscles contract around my device

It feels so good, I may just pleasure myself twice


Not yet turning on the power for my toy to run

Acquiring the sensations from this in and out fun

Wisely using the pillows to hold my tool in its place

Then straddling my pleasure device, squatting with haste

My hot pussy rides down my toy all the way in

Powering it on so that it starts to vibrate as well as spin

My moans and tightly closed eyes did not see his hidden grin

Up, down I go, around and round I rotate my hips

I am getting ready to come, pussy nectar begins to drip


Feeling so good that I am are sure to do this again

To make my thirsty honey pot pour liquid like rain

I come uncontrollably hard with pure vibrating ecstasy

Soon ready for a second round of self-pleasuring freely

He was stroking his hard cock by the door where I could not see

He enjoyed this early morning entertainment jealously

Watching me prepare for round two with full restrain

Wanting to join in the show as blood fills his cock’s veins…

…to be continued






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