Part 2

First of all you should respect and honor her and adore her breasts. They are not just some empty balloons to squeeze and press. The more you worship, praise and adore them the more she will open up to you. As I have said before, open and clear communication is vital. Tell her what you desire and what you want to do to her. This will build trust and the more she trusts you the easier her orgasms will happen. If you want to stimulate her breasts start with kissing her lips passionately! A good kiss will make her nipples erect and will send love-making signals to her pussy too.  When you play with your lovers nipples the same region of the brain will be stimulated as when you stimulate her clitoral,vaginal or cervical/g-spot area. This explains how stimulating her breasts can possibly create an orgasm for her! They are all connected! Begin with sensual kisses and luscious love nibbles from her ear down her neck to her shoulder across her chest and down to her breasts. Gently encircle her breasts with both hands. Lift her breasts up slightly. Kiss and lick each breast on the sides of her breasts and underneath her breasts teasing her nipples before circling your tongue round and round her nipple. Flick her nipples with your tongue. Gently nibble then suckle her nipples as if you were sucking an ice cream cone then lick and blow on them.  Use the rough top of your tongue and the smooth under side of your tongue to stimulate her nipples. Make sure you look up at her and smile!

Pucker your lips and use them to make a seal around the nipple. Suck in and then out without breaking the seal. The nipple will feel alternating currents of vacuum and pressure. Be gentle, less is always more.  Use caution if your partner wears nipple jewelry you don’t want to accidentally swallow it.

Whether you use suction or combine suction with nibbles with your lips (not your teeth), licks or tongue strokes, there is really no limit with how you can orally stimulate your partner’s breasts. If you are unsure of what she likes, ask her to suck on your tongue or lips to show you how much suction she prefers on her nipples. When she gets aroused her breasts can swell up to 25%. This natural boost not only looks better but makes them also way more sensitive!

Try orally stimulating her breasts when she is straddling you and hanging her breasts down in your face above you. Her breasts will be more sensitive when they are hanging down because of the increased blood supply to the nipples. Squeeze both breasts in your hands. Push her breasts together and suck both nipples at the same time. If you want to make her laugh or giggle do the old motor boat by surrounding your face with her breasts and shake your head as you make a motor boat noise for a minute. That’s sure to make her smile!


Penis and Breast Play Some women find it highly arousing when a man caresses their nipples with the tip of an erect penis or by pulling his foreskin up around the nipple. If he pulls apart the opening of his penis, he can sometimes slip the tip of an erect nipple into it for added pleasure. Some women get aroused by having  an erect penis sliding in-between her well-oiled breasts as she squeezes them together.

Toys There are products on the market now that can apply direct suction and vibration to the breasts and nipples. Vibrators, especially those with rigid or pronged attachments are also very effective. For a bit of kink and to add intensity, you and your partner might consider using a leather flogger or whip. You can find various breast toys online.

Nipple Clips  Although nipple clips have been around for a long time they should be used with care. Clothes pins and a pair of chopsticks should also be used with caution. Never leave anything on the nipples – numbness is a warning sign – for too long or you risk causing permanent nerve damage.

Hot and Cold Temperatures  Ice on her nipples can be especially arousing especially if you alternate it with drinking something warm before sucking, kissing or blowing on it.

Food Play  Engage in a little erotic food play by dabbing whipped cream, chocolate sauce or honey on her nipples before slowly and seductively licking it off. Pour your favorite drink on her nipples and lick it off.

Sensuous Materials  Try stroking and caressing your partner’s breasts and nipples with silk, velvet, fur, leather, feathers and even rougher textures like wool, terry cloth or a very soft brush. Use a combination of textures for increased sensation.


Save the most intense sensation until the end. As with every sexual activity, it is important not to make any changes to what ever you are doing as she builds and reaches her orgasm! Embrace the mystery of your woman. Keep in mind that what works on her today may not work next week because her bodies sensitivity is directly connected to her hormones and monthly cycle. Also keep in mind that every woman likes breast play in a different way so talk it over and ask her what she wants and how she wants it and as you are playing, pause and ask her if what you’re doing feels good. She should let you know by her body language, pants and moans. I hope this has helped. Just keep in mind don’t think too much about it or about performing perfectly it is more important to just enjoy each others bodies than it is to make her cum.

 Happy Breast Play! ♥




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