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When most of us hear the word “reflexology” we think of a nice, relaxing, foot massage, not a genital massage. Sure, we all know that our sexual organs are extremely sensitive and can trigger incredible sensations, but most people don’t realize that the genitals contain some of the most powerful reflex points in the human body.

Genital reflexology is a practice of activating the sexual reflex points during lovemaking, transforming sex into an ecstatic acupressure experience. Maybe you won’t be moaning  “I love it when you pleasure my kidney!” but you will feel the positive emotions.

Reflexology is an alternative medicine technique which uses pressure-point massage to restore the flow of energy throughout the entire body. It is based on the premise that there are zones or reflexes on different body parts that relate to every gland, organ and part of our body.  It is believed that the ends of the body are a rich source of acupressure and reflex points which is why reflexology is often applied to the feet, hands, ears or face. However, Taoist sexologists assert that the most intense and powerful reflex points are actually the sex organs themselves.

The healing concepts and practices that make up sacred Taoist sexuality can help you achieve everlasting health, wellness, and spiritualization of the body, not to mention intense pleasure.

Do Not Be Intimidated!

According to these sexologists, the reflexology zones located in the vagina are the same as those found on the penis, except in reverse order. Therefore, when a lover’s penis fits snugly into his partner’s vagina during sexual intercourse these reflex zones line up to produce a powerful connection between both bodies and when the lovemaking is slow and purposeful, it can also aid in healing emotional and physical ailments.


Zones of the Vagina

Kidney – This zone covers the entrance of the vaginal canal and G-spot area. When it is unwell, a woman can experience fear, guilt, shame and frigidity. When this zone is healthy, she can experience greater calm, faith and peacefulness.  During intercourse, this area can be stimulated best with shallow thrusting.

Liver/Gall Bladder – This area is located further up from the G-spot area. When this zone is out of balance, it can generate feelings of anger, frustration, irritability, resentment and depression.  It is this area that is involved in headaches. When healthy, it creates feelings of kindness, generosity, optimism and self-assurance.  By wrapping her legs around her partner’s thighs while in the missionary sex position, the liver zone can be sufficiently stimulated.

Spleen/Pancreas – This zone is located further up from the liver/gall bladder area in the vaginal canal. When this zone is unwell it generates feelings of pensiveness, stress, worry and anxiety. When it is in balance, there is a feeling of openness, centeredness and being grounded.  This zone can be easily accessed while in the missionary sex position. She reclines on her back with her legs locked around her lover’s midsection and her arms wrapped around his back or shoulders. He is on his hands and knees and only penetrates her halfway while she rotates her hips first in one direction and then the other.

Lung – This zone is further up and is where the anterior (A-spot) and posterior arches are located. This is often the most untouched area of a women’s sexual anatomy as it is the area around the cervix rather than the cervix itself. When this area is out of balance it can generate feelings of grief, sadness, self-criticism and low self-esteem.  When it is healthy, feelings of confidence, self-assuredness and a respect for one’s personal boundaries are the result.  During intercourse, any position that allows for deep penetration such as woman on top or rear entry position is ideal for stimulating this area.

Heart – The location of this zone is the cervix itself. When there is an imbalance, there can be feelings of impatience, anxiety, overstimulation, impulsiveness and apathy. When balanced,  there is joy, enthusiasm, greater self-awareness, passion and a profound respect for self and others. During intercourse, the best way to stimulate this zone is with slow, deep penetration.  Gently massaging the cervix can be a profoundly healing experience as it can open a woman’s heart so she is better able to give and receive love. It is said that once this zone is awakened and in balance, a woman can experience a fully body orgasm or “heart-gasm” with her trusted partner.

Now of course, sexual intercourse is not the only way in which these zones can be activated and healed by a loving partner.  Slow, soft massage with a finger or two can also be very effective. However, since the whole body becomes revitalized when all the surfaces of her vagina are stimulated, her lover should make a point to massage all areas so as not to create an imbalance.


Whether she prefers her zones to be stimulated during intercourse, with her lover’s hands or mouth or even simply on her own, a woman should take time to explore and experiment with new ways to stimulate those areas that may not get as much attention.  And with your newfound knowledge of vagina reflexology, she is now provided with a wonderful opportunity to both improve her health and enhance her sexual pleasure. Don’t be shy! Try it and let me know how it goes!



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