Share Licks, Flicks and Tricks With Your Wife!

Bursting with sexual potency, the male penis is such a wondrous organ of beauty and sensual pleasure that it can literally bring a lover to their knees.  And while every man proudly possesses one, its many variances in shape, colour, curvature, size and sensitivities make each penis as unique as the man to whom it belongs.

A man’s love shaft is also quite a complex and dynamic instrument with its erogenous areas often changing over time. This means that even the most astute penis worshiper will need to occasionally add new oral techniques to her sexual repertoire in order to provide her partner and his beloved organ with maximum pleasure.


Your warm, wet mouth has many ways in which it can generate pleasurable sensations for your partner so be creative when using your tongue, lips and yes even your teeth on his virile rod. With the various tips and techniques provided below, be enthusiastic. Be inquisitive. Be willing to communicate with him to determine what feels good and what doesn’t. Allow satisfying your man orally to be a sexual experience that is inherently pleasurable for you as well.

1. To build anticipation, begin by licking his shaft before he is completely undressed. Kneel down before him and blow warm air against him, right through his boxers or briefs. Wet the fabric with your tongue and glide it up and down his penis until his erection begs to be released from its confines.

2. Try placing his penis in your mouth while it is still flaccid. Begin gently sucking and licking until he hardens and swells to the point where he no longer fits. As you wrap your lips around his shaft and start pulling him out, with your lips over your teeth,clamp down gently and oh so slowly on the head of his shaft until you feel him shudder in pleasure. Release quickly and then take him into your mouth and continue with your oral ministrations.

3. While his penis is still soft, begin lightly licking the head with a flattened tongue – like you were licking a luscious ice cream cone. As he begins to stiffen, gently suck him into your mouth using only your lips. While holding his length inside your mouth, swallow. The unexpected wave of pressure on the tip will send him to the moon.

4. Have your man stand or kneel before you when you pleasure him orally. His upright position allows gravity to increase blood flow to his genital area thus creating a delicious pressure in his love muscle as well as intensity in sensations. Be sure to caress his inner thighs, buttocks and abdomen as you suck, lick and lap passionately.

5. The male genitals are equipped with perineal, scrotal and penile seam-like lines of skin located in the center of each of these areas – which provides an easy roadmap for your tongue to follow that will tease and delight his entire package all at once. Depending on the type of sensations you wish to impart on your lover, you can use either a pointed or flat tongue for this tantalizing technique. Begin at his perineum and in one slow lick travel up along the midline of his scrotum continuing up the center line of his shaft. When you arrive at the head, use your tongue to swirl, flick and lap it before placing it briefly into your mouth. Then begin the entire pleasure voyage again; as many times as needed.

6. Consider gently pinching the loose skin at the base of his virile rod as it causes the rest of the skin of his penis to be pulled taut, especially if your partner is uncircumcised. Hold it there while you slowly and sensually lick up and down his organ or you can simply lap at the base of his penis until he shudders.

7. Remember to also include the underside of his love rocket during oral pleasuring to stimulate his highly sensitive frenulum and the inner spongy area that fills with blood during an erection. For this technique, press his penis upward against his abdomen using your thumb and fingers while you run your lips and tongue up and down his entire shaft and testicles. Gently hum or moan to create heavenly vibrations against his most sensitive hot spots. A rather daring variation of this technique I have just learned during my research is to loosely wrap his member and testicles in plastic wrap before putting your lips over it and humming. The plastic wrap adds both heat and intensity to the experience.

8. Consider employing the hard palate on the roof of your mouth to provide additional stimulation to your oral presentation. Simply tip his glans up and forward before sliding it seductively across those rippled ridges. You can also add a different yet equally pleasurable sensation by rubbing the head of his penis against the inside of your cheek.

9. After kissing, nibbling and sucking only the tip for a while, suddenly give his penis one full stroke to the base of his shaft. Follow by teasing just the head again. Follow with three full strokes to the base before once again pleasuring only the head. Increase to five strokes before returning to the head. Continue to increase the strokes by two until he is finished. Another variation would be to start counting your full strokes down from five. Holding the base of his shaft with your hand, take him in your mouth and suck him up and down five times in a steady rhythm. Pause to swirl, nibble and suck the head only while stroking his shaft with your hand. Follow with four strokes using your mouth, then three, the two, and then one ending with a long, slow kiss to the head. Then begin the process again but in reverse. Begin by slowly traveling down his shaft until you are once again up to the original five.

10. While providing oral pleasure to his penis, remember to lick, suck, lap and nibble all of him – the slit, head, shaft, scrotum and perineum. Give his delectable organ full coverage and although your mouth cannot envelop all of him the entire time, be sure to use your fingers and hands as well. Try sucking him while using your hands to pull in the opposite direction or place a finger or two into your mouth to tickle and tease his penis while sucking him or create an “O” with your thumb and index finger and wrap it around his rod in front of your lips before moving both fingers and mouth up and down in tandem. When you use both your mouth and hands simultaneously to stimulate his penis, you will no doubt increase his pleasure tenfold.

Whatever techniques you choose to add to your sexual repertoire, remember that you are on a sexual expedition to unveil or perhaps rediscover what sensitivities and hot spots are uniquely his. So rather than bringing your man to orgasm quickly, take your time and explore the erotic terrain of his penis. Bring him to the edge and back again to prolong the experience for him and to increase the potential for a more intense orgasm. Tease, play and experiment for all of these techniques are meant for the womans enjoyment too. What oral techniques would you add to the list?



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  1. Very well written!! Sound like written from experience. You are an amazing woman. I really enjoy your writing, so erotic just like you!!

  2. Very well written. Your have a keen understanding about how to please a man and treat his penis! I could picture and almost feel every technique you were describing.
    I am available for further testing
    Thank you! Lvtep

  3. a wonderful list i love it when my with ignores my shaft and licks and engulfs my sack

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