Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This

He backed away to the outer door and opened it with some noise

My “Is that you honey?” sounded like my intoxicated voice

As he entered my room, the pleasant scent of my juices greet him

I smiled at him spread eagle while my toy rested freely

He swiftly glided over to my king size bed

He buried his face between my thighs, ready to be fed

My drenched pussy still swollen from my pluck

Clueless that he watched my early morning fuck


Licking petals and pearl and gently suckling the area

My moans increase sharply; his aim to please grew clearer

Pushing my legs up so my thighs pressed against my breasts

Watching me exposed and appetizing, he devoured my love nest

Sinking one finger deep into my dripping honeypot

His lips and tongue feast on my wet petals like a glut

Hips move in an erotic dance under his juicy mouth

Tonguing, licking, sucking and fingering in and out


Sharp jerks and a sudden scream expel my second peak

He quickly shed his trousers and slid his cock in deep

I began to buck and grind as he ploughed in rough fashion

Pounding his jealous cock into my thirsty passion

Building me up to come again was his wicked plan

He fucked me continuously after every multiple orgasm

In spasms, shakes, jerks and flexing in one erotic movement

Jabbing his shaft deeply as I explode and violently spent


Immediately he flipped me to the position called doggie

Pulling me to the edge of the bed as he stood on the floor firmly

He buried his face in my apex and tasted himself in my juicy mixture

My ass raised high in the air feels his kneading gesture

Stepping on the foot stool, his cock entered my swollen pussy

Rear-ending my dripping honey cove causes me to exhale loudly

One hand grips my hip to help keep me steady

As his other hand spanked my tight ass firmly


Swaying on my knees as he plunged hard and deeply

The view from behind was affecting him successfully

He fists my hair and pulled my head up as the invasion continued

I was howling and grunting with passion from his rough moves

Soon I began to tense and then yell that I’m coming

He plunged his cock deeply as I deliver intense contractions while humming

I collapse on to the bed, sliding off of his slick pole

He watched me spasm and jerk weakly; I felt his hands touch and hold


I reached up to grip his straining timber and slowly sat up

Smoothly my head lowered to envelope his mushroom head and suck

Tasting our juices caused my eyes to widen with glee

Caressing his balls as I sucked up and down was so fun

Moving my hand in a pump action until he was almost undone 

Then all the way down I go to push him behind my throat

He grabbed the back of my head compelling me to hold that note

No gagging or resisting while precum and saliva seep


Gently I surfaced and quickly returned again, so deep

My oral talent continued until he could no longer contain

I felt his pulsing shaft getting ready to shoot without refrain

Opening my eyes wide when the first shot hit my face

My face, neck and breasts turn into a creamy mound

I pumped and squeeze his cock until every last spurt

Rubbing his shaft on my creamy nipples, breasts and face for all Im worth

Whispering in my ear that he enjoyed the vibrator show

I looked surprised because I thought he didn’t know 





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